We encourage everyone at Grace to be a part of a small group to connect with others, share life, grow in faith and friendship. This is the place where you will dig deep, find community and put your faith in action. Life Groups study God’s Word, pray together and serve. You can join a group at any time.

Monday Life Group


6:30pm | Manne Life Group

We are a life group meeting every Monday at Grace during AWANA through the traditional school year. We will enjoy time with one another as we open up God’s Word to learn through discussions. Childcare will be available for children who are not old enough to join AWANA. Older kids (Preschool through 6th grade) are welcome to participate in our AWANA program. We meet upstairs in Hispanic Center 1. We will be going through a video series called The Truth Project.
(Open to Men and Women)

Tuesday Life Groups

Dennis Leikam1.jpg

5:30am | Leikam Life Group

We are a group of real men, living real lives, doing our best to follow God and grow together. We are open with one another and highly value the support we give and receive as brothers. We have an open discussion of our book or workbook. Any preparation at home could easily be done as a quiet time. We meet at Grace upstairs in the Conference room.
(Open to Men only)

9:00am | D. Forschen Life Group

We are a group of women of all ages who meet to learn, laugh and encourage one another. We typically use a workbook as a study guide and do some preparation at home during the week. We enjoy small discussion groups for better learning and sharing. We meet in Grace Hall 1 and childcare is available. We will begin studying the book of James on January 9th.
(Open to Women only)


6:30pm | Dalupan Life Group

We are a group of women who love to have fun, encourage one another and grow in faith as we share through study, prayer and fun each week. We typically go through different books and topics and sometimes have homework to prepare for our discussions. We meet upstairs in Hispanic 1 and are studying the book of Daniel.
(Open to Women only)


7:00pm | Downing Life Group

We are a group of women studying God’s Word together. We welcome other ladies who want to build friendships and grow in faith to join us! Our usual group time is full of laughter and sharing our real life experiences with one another. We meet upstairs in Kid 2 and are studying the book of Genesis.
(Open to Women only)

Wednesday Life Groups

6:00am | S. French Life Group

We are a group of women who meet early in the morning to create a safe place to love, learn and grow together. We generally read books or use a workbook that requires some preparation during the week. We are welcoming and open to anyone joining us! We meet at Perkos on 11th St. We are going through the study - Esther: Character Under Pressure.
(Open to Women only)

7:00pm | Helzer Life Group

We are loving, accepting, and very involved with serving in ministry at Grace. All are welcome to join us! There is a small amount of study that can be done at home throughout the week and we discuss it when we meet. We share and pray together. We meet in Hidden Lake.  
(Open to Men and Women)

Thursday Life Group

Paul.Theresa Root2.jpg

7:00pm | Root Life Group

We enjoy sharing life together and encouraging each other to follow Jesus. We study books of the Bible passage by passage and use different strategies to understand and apply the Scripture to daily life. We have a mix of single and married adults who love welcoming new people to the group! We meet in a home on the West side of Tracy in the Santos Ranch area and are studying the book of 1st Corinthians.
(Open to Men and Women) 

Friday Life Group

K_L_Krause copy.jpg

6:00pm | Krause/Adams Life Group

We enjoy gathering every other Friday night for food and fellowship! We welcome people and come along side to enjoy sharing life together. We discuss a book together for our study each week. We meet in our homes, but alternate our location. 
(Open to Men and Women)

Saturday Life Group

8:00am | Haugland Life Group

We are a group of men who gather to discuss topics that relate to men and living out our faith. We are good friends and enjoy sharing life through our casual discussion times each week. We meet at Grace upstairs in the Conference room.  
(Open to Men only)

Sunday Life Groups


9:30am | Perry Life Group

We are a diverse, knowledgeable, welcoming group. We typically go through a workbook or video series and there is no homework to prepare each week. We enjoy getting together socially at least monthly. We meet upstairs in Kids 1 and are going through the book titled "Praying with Paul".
(Open to Men and Women)

9:30am | Pitcher Life Group

We are solid in the faith, long time followers of Christ who enjoy singing hymns, praying and going through a lesson. Our studies are discussion and workbook. Work at home to prepare during the week is optional for group members. We meet in Grace Hall 1. We are currently studying through the book of James.
(Open to Men and Women)

11:00am | Rond Life Group

We welcome anyone who is interested in growing in faith and fellowship through Bible study, prayer and sharing how we apply God’s Word to our lives. We meet in Grace Hall 1. There is no workbook, but questions will be emailed to participants who want to prepare at home during the week. We are currently studying the book of John.
(Open to Men and Women)


6:30pm | Abelar/Forschen Life Group

We are a new life group of 20-30 somethings who are looking for a deeper understanding and study of Scripture together. We study the Bible, theology and doctrines of the faith with both lecture and group discussion. We meet every 2nd & 4th Sunday at the church upstairs in the Student Center. Childcare is available.
(Open to Men and Women)

If you would like more information on any of these groups, feel free to call the church office at 209-836-1900